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By | July 28, 2020

IP Vanish

Netflix Compatible: NO

IP Vanish












  • – 225+ VPN servers in over 60 countries
  • – Gives you access to more than 25,000+ IP addresses
  • – 24/7 Customer Support
  • – OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols support
  • – 7-day money back guarantee


  • – Nothing


The heartbeat of privacy lovers around the world IP Vanish has solidified its place amongst the icons of the VPN industry. IPVanish derives its core competencies from the vast experience of their human resources. With over 15 years of experience in network management and IT services the brand stands true by their claim of being a tier-1 VPN provider.


IP Vanish was created under the premise of delivering anonymity, privacy and unblocking solution for their customers. IPVanish VPN establish their offering by allowing users to

– Keep their private information secure

– Stay anonymous when online

– Eliminate ISP bandwidth throttling , and

– Unblock geo-restricted services around the world


IPVanish packages are offered in 3 time denominations, namely

1 month service offered at $10/ month

The one month plan from IPVanish may seem pricy but given the value you derive from the Tier 1 server speeds and undeterred connectivity it is a decent price to pay for online security. The bundle is great for those going on vacations or travelling temporarily.

3 months service offered at $26.99 or $8.99/month

IPVanish VPN’s 3 month service is ideal for those wanting privacy for business and use public WIFI hubs often. The three month service is available for an attractive price and offers all the same features of the yearly plan.

– 1 year service offered at $77.99 or $6.49/month

The 1 year plan from IPVanish is probably the best for all round protection.  It can be used at home, at work, at school and in public places. The per month cost is ideal given 2 users can use the service simultaneously. An excellent choice for gamers, P2P & torrent fans, families and travelling business personnel.


IPVanish have one of the most vast and fastest servers amongst VPN brands. In a customer poll last year, IP Vanish was voted the fastest VPN service from a pool of 10 other premium providers. With more than 165 servers laid across the world and 25000+ IP addresses at their disposal IPVanish VPN are now established in more than 60 countries.

IP Vanish has optimized servers for specialized needs like gaming, P2P sharing and business services.


Not much has changed since our last review of the IPVanish brand in terms of customer support. While the brand and its customer base grows not much has been done for live chat support.

Support is only available through two means, first is the on website Support Section with relevant setup, configuration and troubleshooting manuals. Second is the support contact center or ticket system where you can leave your issue in detail with proper evidence and the technical team replies within considerable time.

IP Vanish VPN has a brilliant customer ticket support service, never has there been an instance when the expert level support team has taken more than 2 hours to respond to my complaints. While the response times may vary due to the huge volume of complaints sometimes, IPVanish support teams work diligently in the background.


IPVanish VPN considers customer information sacred ensuring that customers can get anonymous payment methods if they desire. There are 4 methods available to pay for the service

– Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Visa Electron & Delta)

– PayPal

– World Pay (Pay Safe Card, Giro-Pay, iDeal), and

– Bitcoin

While credit card is the only payment method that can lead to identification all other means of payment are highly secure. For customers who feel their identity is far important than streaming Netflix from outside US Bitcoin and World-Pay will surely prove useful. As always IP Vanish has kept the customer at the center of their offering.


Compatibility has never been an issue for the IPVanish service. Exclusive tutorials and support manuals are available for most common operating systems including

– Windows

– Mac

– iOS

– Android

– Linux

– DDWRT Routers

– Other Routers

– Gaming Consoles

– Windows Phone

Apart from manual configuration, IPVanish VPN also provides a top notch desktop & mobile app for easy access. In addition to ease of use the app contains an auto-reconnect feature to ensure you are never unprotected online in case of a connection failure. The app is only available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.


IPVanish have a dedicated support section that provides links to installation guides, protocol & encryption information, configuration manuals and other related information necessary to operate your service.

Visual guides and tutorials are also available for intermediate and advanced users to configure VPN with the IPVanish VPN app. To access the setup guides head over to the IPVanish Support section.


Currently IPVanish offer three Protocols for users to connect their devices with. These are


– L2TP, and

– OpenVPN

PPTP protocols are basic and commonly found in operating systems like Windows, Apple, Linux and Android devices. PPTP protocol is offered with up to 128bit encryption keys which is decent protection when browsing and accessing web services.

L2TP protocols are for advanced tunneling and protection where strict rules are required for data transfers, file protection and server certification. L2TP protocol is offered with AES or 3DES 256bit encryption keys in addition to 2048bit keys for certificate authentication.

OpenVPN is a high speed protocol famous for its appreciation and accreditation by VPN users around the world. The OpenVPN protocol provides very fast connection speeds and is considered highly stable. OpenVPN can be encrypted using Blowfish, AES, 3DES and RC5 128bit or 256bit encryption keys whichever is favorable.


The Logging and Privacy policy is the heart of all VPN activity and while IPVanish respects that fact, but due to its geographical location is bound to the Digital Millennium Copyrights Acts or DMCA. While the brand has a transparent and concrete privacy policy infringement and illegal activities will be reported if the law comes asking.

Within their Privacy Policy IPVanish cover privacy question very clearly. Some of the crucial sections include:

– Information We Collect

Identifying the different ways the service collects information and what information is collected.

– How We Use Your Information

How IPVanish VPN use your information in addition to who it is shared with.

– Cookies

Information on installation and usage of cookies on your device.

– Security Measures We Have In Place

Outline of what security measures are employed to protect user data and which company personnel have access to the data.

– Children’s Privacy

Privacy of minors is seriously handled by the IPVanish management. In case a minor below 13 has submitted information to the website parents & guardians can simple request to delete this information immediately.

– International Users

Since IP Vanish is based in the USA international customers can read through this section know what rules they must follow.


Added benefits and freebies are an important aspect when subscribing to a VPN service. IPVanish offer some great add-ons with their service, namely:

– Brilliant award winning free IPVanish App

– Wi-Fi Hotspot Protection

– NAT Firewall

– VOIP Support

– 7-day Money Back Offer

– 24/7 Customer Support

Reviewer’s Verdict

Things we love:

– Brilliant yearly price plan

– Free award winning desktop and mobile app

– Transparent and direct privacy policy

– Top Tier encryption standards

– 7 day money back guarantee

– 24/7 customer support

– Variety of anonymous payment methods

– Highly compatible

Things we hope will improve:

– Live Chat support

– Expensive monthly offer

– Fewer Tunneling protocols

Since my last IPVanish VPN review, the service provider has concentrated on a more extensive global server network and more countries to cover. Since the provider has a state of the art app and ever present customer service, there is not much room for improvement for the brand. Unless IPVanish want to relocate to a new headquarters to evade the DMCA requirements and Data logging that they have to fulfill by law, the provider is in good hands.

Our verdict in this year’s IPVanish review sums up a total of 8.8 out of 10 points.


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