Cactus VPN Review

By | July 28, 2020

Cactus VPN

Netflix Compatible: NO

Cactus VPN












  • Low cost
  • No usage logs
  • P2P downloading
  • 256-bit AES OpenVPN and SSTP encryption
  • AutoProxy


  • No port forwarding



CactusVPN is a smaller VPN service which ranks up among some of the better services reviewed by this site. Users looking for good security at an affordable cost should consider looking at CactusVPN.

Pricing Structure

CactusVPN’s pricing model differs significantly from other providers, offering users the opportunity to purchase access to servers in three different locations (US, UK or the Netherlands) for $5.0o per month, per server type. Users also have the option of purchasing access to all three servers for $6.99 per month.

Unfortunately, CactusVPN doesn’t allow users to purchase via bitcoin, which may be of concern for some.


As with most VPN providers CactusVPN offers PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN connections.

Although CactusVPN allows the user to connect to multiple servers, it is worth noting that the user cannot connect through the same server with multiple devices. This is may be a dealbreaker for users who plan on running P2P filesharing clients through multiple devices (P2P is only supported on Netherlands servers).

Additionally CactusVPN offers a DNS service which allows the user to access geoblocked content. Whilst this can be done via the VPN directly, the DNS service requires no encryptionmaking it optimal for streaming media.


On the outset CactusVPN appear to have an upstanding privacy and security record. With this said it is worth noting that CactusVPN do keep connection logs for approximately three days for troubleshooting purposes. This shouldn’t be a problem for most users, however it would be considered optimal if CactusVPN kept no logs at all.

CactusVPN is operated out of Moldova, which sits well outside the reach of the Australian, US and EU jurisdiction and is well known for it’s minimalist standards with regardto data regulation.


As with many of the other top tier players in the market CactusVPN offers live support and an email ticketing system. We’ve trawled through a few forums, and consensus seems to be indicate that CactusVPN isboth prompt in it’s responses to queries and offers sound advice.


Signing up with CactusVPN is simple enough, all that is required is your name, email address and payment.

Set Up

CactusVPN offers one of the most seamless set up processes of all the VPN’s hat we have reviewed, utilizing a ergonomic installation client. The website offers a pretty detailed FAQ explaininginstallation methods on both Window and Mac.

Final Word

CactusVPN offers afast, quality service at a competitive price. Extra goodies such as Smart DNS will be great for those wishing to access Geoblocked content. Inability to connect to the same server on different devices at once may be a deal breaker for some users with big householders or multiple devices.


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