Cyberbullying: How Oversharing Online Can Lead To Potential Web Abuse And Harassment

By | November 16, 2016

Millions of statuses are being shared every day on social media, profile updates are being done more often than getting enough sleep. But oversharing information online can cause danger and might trigger cyberbullying if the person is not careful on what he or she shares.

Oversharing personal information can put one’s life in great danger. That is why people who love to share and post pictures, update statuses and share some information that might be considered personal need to be more careful because even if the person avoids to share their personal information online, hackers have ways of getting some sensitive data.

Fortunately, NordVPN, the world’s most advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider provides tips on how to stay as private as possible in the online realm. Merely creating an algorithm that uses one’s personal data that is often shared on Facebook and date of birth can provide hackers your social security number. Also, one’s medical record can be detected by their zip code together with the person’s date of birth.

NordVPN, however, aims to fight and to firmly stand against all forms and types of cyberbullying, online abuse and harassment. The company’s goal is to educate the public on what one can do to stay as safe as possible online, according to the press release emailed to Parent Herald.

One of NordVPN’s tip on how to stay safe online is to know and understand that anyone can be a victim of cyberbullying and identity theft. People are not aware that there is a great chance of identity theft happening to them, as per a study published on SSRN.

According to NordVPN, people needs to realize that everything they post online stays online forever. Avoid posting embarrassing photos that you might regret in the end.

Avoid oversharing personal data on Facebook is also one of the tips they provide to stay safe. In addition, do not over share feelings as a study reveals that people who always share what they feel online can be the subject of cyberbullying.

Another tip is to protect your location by the use of VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that blocks and hides your IP address and your location. Also, they advise to protect your passwords by changing it from time to time.

Do not use one password for all accounts, use unique passwords for each. 1Password for Families is an app that allows a family to share passwords and other sensitive information. This app is safe and it remembers everything.

Free Public Wi-Fis that are offered in cafes, school, malls and restaurants can also post a danger to the users. These free public Wi-Fi can be a nest for hackers because they can post as a hotspot or use special software to steal your personal data. Always be careful in connecting to public Wi-Fi networks and to stay safe install a VPN.

Lastly, NordVPN advises parents to educate the children and teens about cyberbullying. This is the age group that is very vulnerable to cyberbullying. One tip to avoid cyberbullying is not responding to bullying messages and to report it right away.

The issue on cyberbullying continue to rise and although awareness has been spread already all throughout the country and the world, people are still getting victimized. The reason? Let’s just say cyberbullying didn’t come with technology, it comes with human behavior, therefore, one should be vigilant enough to watch its own safety and always be cautious.

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