Best VPN for Mac 2016

By | November 16, 2016

Whether you’re concerned about your online privacy or looking to access sites that are ordinarily blocked in your country, a VPN (virtual private network) will help. You’ll be able to hide your location online and access blocked content using any one of the services in our best VPNs round-up for Mac.

Many people use a VPN in order to enjoy the BBC iPlayer’s streaming services while outside of the UK, or to access US Netflix whilst inside the UK in order to make use of its expanded catalogue. VPNs are also a great tool to help you keep prying eyes at bay, giving an element of anonymity whilst browsing the web.

There are free VPNs available, but beware that some free VPNs may install unwanted toolbars or third-party applications, and others simply offer much less advanced features. It’s important to first read the terms and conditions before using a free VPN, and to make sure you know the free VPNs limits.

Generally, though, even paid-for VPNs are quite cheap. You can subscribe to many for under $5 per month.

Read on for our round-up of the best and most popular VPN services available for Mac.

Best VPN for Mac



  • RRP: Starting at approximately $4US per month
  • Buy from NordVPN

One of our favourite VPNs is NordVPN, which has servers operated under the jurisdiction of Panama, meaning there’s no traffic monitoring required. The company tells us that it does not keep any logs of user activity at all.

NordVPN is also reasonably priced, and offers lots of privacy and security features to help it become one of the most attractive VPN services for internet users looking for privacy online. It’s easy to set up and it’s quick, too.


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