Best Netflix VPN 2016: The top VPN for watching Netflix abroad

By | October 23, 2016


A great all-round VPN which also allows you to stream movies from Netflix US


There’s a few things to say about NordVPN, but let’s start with the most exciting one: unlike most other VPNs, it lets you watch US Netflix. That’s thanks to a feature called “Smart Play”, which uses technical tricks to make Netflix think you’re physically located in the US, rather than simply routing your traffic via there.

BitTorrenting is allowed too, so long as you connect via one of the approved countries. Choosing your territory is easy: the interface opens with a list of 51 locations, from which you can simply select one and hit Connect. If you want to get more technical, click Server for a list of all the various servers on offer, along with details of how busy they are and their response time from your location.

The server list also details which servers are recommended for purposes such as TV streaming, as well as “Anti DDos” servers, designed to keep working even in the event of a network attack. There’s also a selection of “double VPN” connections available: these route your traffic through not one but two encrypted channels, making it even harder for anyone to track where your traffic is coming from – a potentially valuable option for those who live in or visit repressive regimes.

There’s not much else to configure, but one last distinctive feature of NordVPN is the process kill list. This goes a step further than a regular kill-switch: when you disconnect from a private channel, any applications in this list will be automatically shut down before the connection is closed, to make absolutely certain that no data “leaks out” of your encrypted connection.

Clearly, NordVPN takes your privacy seriously, and since the company is based in the Central American state of Panama, you don’t have to worry about details of your activity, or your relationship with the company, being shared with major intelligence agencies. And naturally, NordVPN itself doesn’t keep records of what you’re getting up to; unless you want to start routing your connections via the Moon, this is probably as safe as you’re going to get.


With its excellent privacy credentials and support for US Netflix, NordVPN represents the gold standard of VPNs. If you just want to browse and use BitTorrent without being snooped on by your ISP, NordVPN is a great choice.


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