Getflix Review Getflix Review

Getflix impresses with a low price, great customer service, and ample features. It is rare that a company can pull all of these together as well as Getflix has, and for that reason they have scored very highly with us. The best part: you can head over to their site for a free 14-day trial without taking your credit card from your wallet.

Pricing & Plans

With prices reaching as low as $2.69 per month (on a 12-month subscription if you “like” their Facebook page), Getflix offers some of the lowest prices in this market. If this reasonable price is in anyway intimidating, give them a free look with a 14-day free trial. You have nothing to lose as they don’t require credit card at signup.

Getflix Pricing

To get the Facebook discount, first you are asked to sign up for their 14-day free trial. Then you head over to Facebook and like their page. Finally, you must claim the discount on the subscription page before you make any payments. The process was seamless for us with no hidden loopholes.

They only accept PayPal and major credit cards, which may be restrictive for a small number of people, but they do offer a discount if you need more than one account for whatever reason.

Video Review


Based in Australia, Getflix is a subsidiary of Global Stealth Inc. They have servers that will get you 18 different Netflix regions, which is more than adequate. While they only allow one simultaneous connection per subscription, they will give you a break on the price if you need two or more.

We applaud Getflix for such a transparent privacy policy. They tell us that they will not sell, trade, or rent any personal information at any time. That said, they might use non-personal data for marketing, or to share with their “business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers.” Although this is a nice way to say they do keep some logs, we have no reason to think they will maliciously use your personal info.

Channels & Devices

Getflix continues to impress with their vast list of channels, devices they are available on and the process involved to access them.

Getflix ChannelsGetflix Devices

We like that they break down each channel and detail which device it can be streamed on. The chart that displays this information is neat and tidy, and will make a great reference as you use their service. They have even done the research to let you know where your device has to be geo-registered to download iOS apps that are linked with a channel.

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The Website

It may be splitting hairs to complain that their home screen is too busy. There is a lot of information to digest, but it is not too intimidating, and once you poke around for a few moments, the site proves easy to navigate.

Getflix Main page

There is a link buried at the bottom promising a blog, but at the time of writing there was only an initial entry announcing the blog from February 2014, so the blog is something they seem to have abandoned.


To compliment their excellent setup guides, Getflix delivers 24/7 support via a ticket inquiry system. We found their response time to be excellent and the quality of service extremely helpful.

Getflix Support Ticket

They also have a FAQ page and a knowledge base that will likely answer a lot of questions before the ticket system is necessary. If all else fails and you absolutely need an immediate answer, you can reach out them via their very active Facebook page. Their online presence is strong and we found a few of their Facebook posts to be both informative and entertaining.

The Process

Signing Up

Getflix seem to be confident with their offerings, as they mandate a 14-day free trial before they ask you for any payment information. They only require your email address to be verified, and your name and a password before you are ready to go with their service. It really is as easy as it could be.

The Windows SmartDNS & SmartVPN client

There is not a dedicated client for Getflix, so you will have to change the DNS settings manually upon signup. If you wish to change the region of a site like Netflix or Hulu, you will have to visit the Getflix website and make the appropriate changes. This is extremely easy however and should not deter you from trying out their service.

Performance (Speed and DNS)

As usual, we found no loss of speed with this DNS service. Movies streamed fast and efficiently with no concerns to report.

Other Platforms

As mentioned above, Getflix is available on many platforms. We would be surprised if you couldn’t find your device among the ones they support. There is no software for automatic setup, but there are easy to follow guides that include a lot of pictures, making this process foolproof, even for novices.

Other/ Free Services

From specifically designated servers, Getflix will provide DNS-over-VPN, providing an alternative way of connecting to their DNS servers. This allows you to use their DNS servers in situations where it wouldn’t normally be possible such as hotel rooms, public WiFi, 3G/4G connections and ISPs that block/hijack 3rd party DNS servers. They even list what servers are available for this service and suggest the closest to you. Again, we were impressed.

GetFlix Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Low price
  • Quick response time to ticket questions
  • 14-day free trial
  • VPN accessibility
  • Set up guides
  • High number of channels
  • Active social media presence

We hated

  • Nothing

With a low price, quick service, and tons of other features, we were very impressed with this SmartDNS provider. We have no problem recommending this Australia-based company, regardless of your location.

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